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tv   News 9 at Six  ABC  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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but take a look at all the dry real estate through the great lakes, western new york, pennsylvania and mid atlantic, that is our weather for travel wednesday tomorrow. but notice the system quickly on its heels through the midwest, down into the central part of the plains states, that will be moving on top of us early thanksgiving day. so clouds lower and thicken early and shortly after 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning a narrow band of snow showers, just enough for maybe a coating to a half inch, will start to move in. that up area roads from mid morning about the early afternoon. much more on that timeline, and another system that follows that one, coming up in a few minutes. tom: now to the state's drug crisis, a new warning tonight from a new hampshire town dealing with a new batch deadly heroin. over the past week and a half pelham police have seen a spike in drug overdoses, they say people using this batch appear to have an increased resistance to a life saving drug. wmur's mike cronin joins us live
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the source of this latest batch and would like to help the people using it. within the past week and a half police say there have been two suspected drug overdose deaths. the latest batch could be mixed with fentanyl and sin thetic drugs. it so strong that narcan hasn't been as effective. if users smoked or injected the drug, police, finding it right next to them, meaning that they're overdosing immediately after using it. the pelham community coalition which ames to increase awareness they're trying to tackle the crisis through education. they say parents need to talk to their children. >> we need help from the state. when you get down to the other end of the pipeline and somebody that wants to get clean, there's no beds in this state, there's in support. >> whatever people are put going their system is stronger than any overdose we've been dealing with in the past. reporter: pelham is considering a safe station program similar to the ones in manchester and
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they're working on the logistics. live in the studio, mike cronin, wmur news 9. tom: commitment 2016 now, as president-elect donald trump continues to vet potential cabinet members, new tonight it appears one name will not be a part of it. during an interview with the "new york times" today, trump was asked about the possibility of senator kelly ayotte joining his administration, to which the president-elect replied no thank you. but there are people with new mp play for high profile positions. josh mcelveen joins us with a look. josh: post elevens new hampshire still has plenty of potential roots growing in a trump administration. supporters of mitt romney say he's the perfect choice to be the cop diplomat, wild former senator scott brown came away from his meeting with a bounce in his step. >> all right, got to inform the public about stuff.
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covered. his time in the senate checks the washington experience box and his 35 years in the army fills out a reveum that he told the president makes him the best choice to run the v.a. >> it was a very open and frank discussion, not only about veterans but a host of other issues. reporter: brown described the president-elect as focused but relaxed. despite mode yeah that brown believes is border loin harassing trump. >> the fact that he went out to dinner and they l sit, well, the lack of transparency is with the press. reporter: their hand shake a stark contrast to their frequent dustups during the campaign. >> his imagination must not be married to real power. >> mitt is a failed candidate. >> i think it's encouraging to donald trump, that dump is reaching out to somebody like mitt romney. report ryan williams says his
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state, but beyond that he says romney adds immediate legitimacy to a trump administration. >> he would likely gain easy confirmation. josh: romney is the leading candidate to become secretary of state according to the "wall street journal." we haven't heard from cory l?ewandowski, evenafter his departure from the campaign in june he did remain close to trump and when reached today he said he remains ready t the president-elect in any way he can. jennifer: waterville valley makes it official. governor elect chris sununu will resign as c.e.o. of the resort, effective december 31. and sununu called it an honor to work with their team and is excited forward their future success. sununu beginning his term in the state's corner office on januar.
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jennifer: where police found this tiny 3-month-old chihuahua puppy after it was stolen from a pet store. tom: and why these two conservation officers received fish and game's life saving award. mike: temperatures remain on the chilly side for the rest of had the having the week. how they'll play into the next system that moves through. >> and u.n.h. hockey home tonight against r.p.i., we'll
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jennifer: a man convicted of sexually assaulting a young derry girl says he wants a new trial, claiming his lawyer didn't give him a proper defense. tom: william degroot has served
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bible from view when the jury visited the scene and was later found in contempt of court and sanctioned for his actions. degroot says that lowsteen was concerned about the length of the trial and didn't call all the witnesses he felt he should. degroot has maintained his innocence throughout the case. the attorney says degroot never gave any indication that he was unhappy with his representation, even when the bible incident became known on the third day of testimony. >> he looked me in the eye and confidence in you, i want to go forward. >> how did that make you feel? >> made me feel good. tom: degroot says he thought about getting another lawyer prior to the trial. the hearing will resume in december. new tonight, manchester police are looking for help finding who's responsible form slashing the tires of five vehicles. police say it happened on the west side overnight on monday.
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two had one. anyone with information should call manchester police. jennifer: the chihuahua puppy stole then portsmouth has been found safe in massachusetts. amesbury police recovered recove little dorl today. police say say 17-year-old took the puppy. police found it after receiving a tip. it's unknown if charges will be filed. tom: another cold day today. mike we're in that pattern now, no escaping long, then we got the chill. dry for now. but will that change. jennifer: now to our u local hot shot, it was a snowy start to the day in pittsburgh.
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tom: two fish and game conservation officers are being honored. jennifer: they received the fish and game life saving awars last week. the two saved two fish american from a burning lobster boat. about a mile from shore in rye. the fishermen were suffering from hypothermia when the officers found them in the
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or their survival suits. one new england governor is keeping up with his skills while in office. vermont governor peter shumlin posted this picture on his twitter account after she shot a 135-pound buck off the weekend. the governor has had a number of run-ins with wildlife over the years including being chased by a mother bear and her three cubs. tom: farmington police presented a choke a local food pantry today after a month of raising money. in the past the department has raised money local community by participating in their own no shade novembers of officers are allowed to grow beards for a small donation. in year the money goes to the community action partnership of strafford county. jennifer: new hampshire's toys for tots campaign officially kicked off today at the mall of new hampshire in manchester. governor maggie hassan and mayor ted gatsas among those in attendance. this is the 31st year the mall has partnered with the marine corps to collect toys for thousands of children in need
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>> we pride ourselves on keeping all those toys local, so you can rest assured every toy that gets donated from southern new hampshire stays in southern new hampshire. all we want is to make sure every child in southern new hampshire has a gift under the tree. jennifer: there are several dropoff locations around the state, we have a helpful link right on and our mobile apps. mike: wow, two days from thanksgiving, one day of course from tomorrow. look at the time lapse photos in new found lake today where we did have times of cloud and a little sunshine. but clouds certainly won the battle here, while in southern parts of new hampshire a little bit more in the way of partial sun, but that gusty win was quite stubborn a good part of this tuesday. fair and chilly tonight, then a dry cool travel day for tomorrow, we'll take a look at some of the details what was to expect locally in new hampshire, coming up in a little bit. light snow and a mix, just in
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that means slippery travel not out of the question from mid morning right through the afternoon, a few mixed showers likely on friday, and then another system will be tracking close by to new hampshire saturday and saturday night. tough to call how that will play out. but in the short term it is nice and quiet. the exception a few snow showers still darting through the heart of the white mountains, so if you're traveling through the notches, roe may be slick in those areas. outside of that, nice and dry all the wayil this will hold off until thanksgiving, likely starting after eight or nine in the morning. so traveling very early in the morning, not much of an issue. but shortly after that the roads could turn a little bit slick, due to temperatures at or below freezing. right now below freezing from the northern makes region into the great north woods, seven atop mount washington. mid 30's in concord. but that's only half the story, the win is very stubborn today.
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teens and 20's statewide. so we have the cold air in place and as you might expect, tonight will be quite chilly yet again. mid and upper 20's on average as you head out early tomorrow morning. but cool air is not only here in the northeast, but it stens all the way back to the west. so that will play into the next system that arrives on thanksgiving, not during the day tomorrow. josh is here with a look at the travel detail is a cross a good part. southern and central new hampshire. josh j.: we're going to start off chilly tro temperatures around the region to expect the early morning temperatures to drop to. so plan on that cold start early in the morning. now let's go down deep and take a look at the temperatures throughout the day tomorrow to expect the salem area, starting off chilly, and making it into the lower 40's by afternoon. temperatures sinking down quickly as we head into the evening hours. temperaturessing in the upper
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bring clear skies, but the temperatures will be chilling down quite a bit. downtown manchester, lower 30's for highs, a little milder but still very chilly first thing. 42, possible in some locations for highs tomorrow. and just to the north of the city, the hooksett area you'll be starting in the upper 20's as well, going through the day, those winds that will start off brisk in the morning will calm down by midday and we'll see the temperatures level off around 40, over to the capital city, concord, where the temperatures are starting off in the upper 20's. 27 or 28 in some of the low lying valleys of this region, making it to 40 or 41 by tomorrow afternoon. notice how quickly the temperatures will sink down tomorrow evening. if you'll be planning for travel tomorrow, don't worry bit. the conditions are fine, but it certainly will be a cool day. from tomorrow on, how do things look for the big holiday?
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mike: we're taking a look at what happens between later tomorrow night -- it is dry in the northeast. so if you're traveling through eastern new york down through the big apple, into jersey, down towards philadelphia, eastern pennsylvania, high and dry through the early evening as well. but then later tomorrow night, clouds lower and thicken and a very narrow band of light snow showers will likely break out sometime during the mid to late morning, especially upper valley, monadnock be just enough, a coating, half inch to glaze up untreated roads of so keep that in mind for thanksgiving during the mid morning on. once we get into the evening, still some mixed showers out there, and then more of the same as we get into friday. temperatures likely a little bit milder, so more rain showers south, mixed to snow showers north. then we get into saturday, yet another system begins to develop. so that means light snow,
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that is a slight possibility right now. in any event it would clear out as we go into sunday. monday is looking good and tuesday a little rain late. but a lot of travel plans 2010 now and sunday, at least we get wednesday looking good and a good part of sunday, but in between could be a little dicey here or there, stay tuned to updated forecasts later tonight. tom: the ski areas are going to open this weekend. jennifer: yes they can make snow, it's great. >> coming up, live from the
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jamie: the st. louis blues are in boston, which means bruins' dave bacchus facing his former team for the first time. he played eleven season there's before signing with boston over game time 7:00 at td garden. and we go live to durham and bring in the coach, he joins us as his wildcats get ready to host the r.p.i. tonight. what do you get with r.p. it tonight? >> we got r.p.i. tonight, they're a team that we play every year. we alternate playing their
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we'll need to play hard. reporter: the wildcats have had had some tough losses but some really nice hockey east wins. are you seeing signs that your team may be finding some consistency? >> yes, it's all about consistency. we've given up leads, we gotta stay away from that. try to keep them close and may a 60-minute game. the season. injuries were a big part of your early season. are you getting healthier? >> yeah, we're getting healthy, we got donald back a week ago. we're still without one of our top center men. our backup goal tender is back healthy. so i think when we get anybody
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reporter: you like the potential of the this team? because they look like they can be explosive. >> well, i think we can score goals, but we've got to play better defense. we're going to have a test this week with r.p. expivment owe i. and cornell. we gotta cut down on the goals against. reporter: you're heading to mad i san square garden to play on saturday. but what's the plan after tonight, do you let the guys scatter for thanksgiving or are u >> this is all about giving us the opportunity to enjoy thanksgiving dinner. we win here tonight, we can enjoy thursday, then head out to madison square garden on saturday. reporter: all right, good luck against r.p.i. tonight. >> happy thanksgiving. >> we'll have highlights from that game tonight. college basketball, u.n.h. women
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kylie gets the rebound, pus it up and in. bryant with the early lead, we'll show you how that turns out tonight at 11:00. turkey trots for thursday, including the great globlerler at nashua south high school, part of the boys and girls clubs, started at 8:00 a.m., usually sells out with 1,000 runners. how about the turkey trot in win ham, 9:00 a.m., it's a three or five-mile run or walk or bike. free, they just ask that you make a donation if you'd like to she her's food pantry. tom: sounds like a good plan. jennifer: are you hosting a friends-giving for your closest buds? here are the six things you should avoid before having your friend over for the big holiday meal. tom: tune in for "new hampshire chronicle" following "world news." we'll see you back here an of the the finale of "dancing
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tonight, breaking news. after the deadly storm, the new and major system set to hit tonight. chicago, detroit, several cities in the bulls eye. then, moving east, affecting millions traveling this thanksgiving. also breaking, what we have just learned about the driver in that deadly school bus crash. the childrenho that bus moments before the crash. the police officer ambushed. now, the arrest, and the new moment today. what the suspect says when asked, did he kill the officer? you'll hear it. president-elect donald trump's about-face. >> lock her up! lock her up! >> after chants of "lock her up," what he's now saying about hillary clinton tonight. and mr. trump on those nazi salutes.


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